Sustainability has a lot of definitions. As the word is being used widely in politics, economy and
environmental issues, the original sense of the word has been lost.

We are looking more and more into our life quality and the changes we need to make to achieve
our life goal, we set on a path to rediscover the meaning of sustainability. Not only as a working
definition but also as a meaning to us as a couple and a guideline for our lives.

In the Bruntland report “Our common Future” from 1987, the following, well-known definition of
Sustainability was crafted to unite people, companies and whole countries in the effort for an
environmental friendly development.

Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

With this definition being very generic, we wanted to find our own definition of sustainability that
would help us to create a life for us that we would enjoy living.

For us, sustainability means, to live a life, that leads to a healthy, happy, fulfilling and economically
secure future. As this is the wish for us we also want to reduce our impact on the environment so our
lifestyle can be lived by our children and future generations.

Therefore, we are taking you on our journey to discover our way of a sustainable life. With a focus on
happiness, self-sustainability, economic and food security we hope to be able to help you to improve
your life as well.

Written by Lilly
I´m a born and raised big-city girl on the search for a more sustainable and simple life. In order to find a fulfilled and happy life I am exploring the simple, Old-fashion lifestyle.