How to plant seeds indoor without a growing kit

Some plants (tomatoes, zucchini, aubergine, etc.) should be planted inside until they are strong enough to be relocated to the balcony. You can start the seedlings inside, even without a growing kit. This process can be done early in the year and saves you time as the plants are earlier ready for their harvest.

By the end of February, you can start planting most seeds. For more details on your specific seeds, please check the package.

You will need some newspaper, the desired seeds, soil and water for the planting of the seed.

  1. You can cut the newspaper (or other recycled paper) into ca. 25 cm long and ca. 6 cm wide stipes.
  2. These you roll up to a roll with an average diameter of 2,5 cm. Now quickly staple the roll together, so it won´t loosen up. On one end you can fold the paper piece by piece until the roll is closed on that side. Now you built you own growing kit.
  3. Repeat this until you have a nice amount of these rolls. For easier handling, you can just fill a paper box with them so they stand up and don´t fall.
  4. Fill the rolls with soil. They don’t need to be completely full.
  5. Plant (2-3) seeds in each roll. Remember which roll contains which seed. It is easiest to mark them on the outside of the roll.
  6. Once there are seeds in all of them, you can cover the seeds with some soil. Don’t do it too thick so the plants have it easier to grow out and into the light.
  7. Water the seeds, so the soil is wet. This is best done with a spray or similar. Don’t water them with a bottle, as the strong water flow will wash out the seeds to the top of the soil again. Now you planted your seeds.
  8. Keep your seeds warm and in the light. They prefer places such as the window sill. After a few days (5-12 days depending on seed and temperature) you will see first green leaves coming out from the ground.
  9. Once the little plants are big enough to be planted outside you can separate them from each other and move them to bigger pots.


This is an easy, sustainable ways to plant seeds that almost doesn’t cost any money. You can easily do it in one evening at home. In our experience the results are the same as you would have with a growing kit. It is simply more important to keep your plants warm and give them enough light.

Written by Lilly
I´m a born and raised big-city girl on the search for a more sustainable and simple life. In order to find a fulfilled and happy life I am exploring the simple, Old-fashion lifestyle.