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If you think about being more sustainable you might think about big projects such as solar panels. And while they are of course great and sustainable, there are a lot of small things that you can do right now to lower your impact on the environment.
These 5 tips are supposed to help people that wish to be more sustainable but don´t know where to start. Here are 5 starting points for you:

Produce less waste

Even though this one seems obvious, a lot of people don´t realize how much waste they are producing. And in the mist of all suggestions of how to change your behaviour it can be too overwhelming to start. Here are three things you can change immediately without a big investment:

  • Use reusable plastic containers and bottles for food and drinks. These you can take to work, going to the gym, give your kids for school or afterschool activities. They are also a good way of storing food in the fridge or freezer
  • Use reusable shopping bags/ boxes. You not only save money in stores where you must pay for shopping bags but you also reduce your waste easily.
  • Don´t buy fun-sizes. They are cute to take with you and give to your kids. But you are producing a lot of waste for a little amount of food. Instead you can buy little food containers and fill (for example your kids favourite treat) from bulk containers in little, needed amounts.

Share with friends and family

You want to buy something new? First consider if you really need the item and if it can improve your lifestyle or solve a problem. Then you should check if you need to buy the item or if there is a possibility to borrow the item from family or friends. In the same manner, you could offer items to borrow to friends and family or give away items that you might not need any more or didn´t use.

Eat less meat

Don´t worry, I will not tell you, that you should become a vegetarian. But the ugly truth is, that producing meat is in almost all cases not sustainable. Organic and locally produced meat from small farmers that produce sustainable however, can be expensive. Therefore, it is a good start to eat less meat. This could be for example a meatless Friday.

Shop locally / organic

Buying organic or locally is not possible and cost efficient for all products. But you should still try to buy local products as often as possible. Nowadays there are also a lot of companies that are producing “green” in a more sustainable manner. If you have the choice, reward these companies for their efforts.

Use your car less

For a lot of us it is not possible to always take public transport and leave the car standing. But you should try to take public transport or you bike as often as possible. Using the car less can also be as easy as writing a weekly shopping list to avoid unnecessary trips to the supermarket. Try to run all errands at the same time.


I hope these 5 easy tips will help you and your family to start being more sustainable right this second. And even if it is not always possible or in the budget to start big projects to be more sustainable, there a lot of easy and affordable ways to reduce your footprint.

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Written by Lilly
I´m a born and raised big-city girl on the search for a more sustainable and simple life. In order to find a fulfilled and happy life I am exploring the simple, Old-fashion lifestyle.